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Why Choose EmotionalSupportAnimal.com?

We Offer Legally Valid ESA Letters

You can trust that every step of our ESA letter service is legally valid. We’ll set you up with a mental health professional or doctor licensed in your state who will properly diagnose you and prescribe an ESA if they are the right option for you. Additionally, your telehealth visit will conform to your state laws, and the ESA letter itself will meet every legal requirement to be considered legally valid.

We Have On-Staff ESA Lawyers

Our team of lawyers understand the intricacies of ESA laws and are well-versed in the different requirements of every state. Thanks to their involvement, you can feel even more confident that our ESA evaluations, prescription letters, and service dog training programs all meet both national and state legal standards. Plus, if you ever face discrimination for your disability or your ESA’s rights are not respected, they’re here to help.

Your ESA Letter is Protected by Our Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason your landlord does not accept your ESA letter and our legal support team can’t remedy the issue, we will refund you 100% of your ESA letter consultation fee. Buy with confidence knowing that we have your back!