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1. Quick and Easy ESA Letter:

Obtain your emotional support animal (ESA) letter efficiently through our streamlined process, ensuring prompt access to the support you need.

2. Comprehensive Service Animal Registration:

Register your service animal with ease, providing peace of mind and official recognition of their vital role in your daily life.

3. Expert Guidance and Support:

Access helpful information and resources curated by experts in the field, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate the world of emotional support animals and service animals confidently.

4. Convenient Online Platform:

Enjoy the convenience of managing all your ESA and service animal needs online, from applying for an ESA letter to updating registration information, all in one accessible platform.

5. Trusted and Legitimate:

Rest assured that EmotionalSupportAnimal.com operates within legal and ethical guidelines, providing legitimate documentation and services backed by professionals in the field of mental health and assistance animals.

6. Empowering Mental Health Advocacy:

Join a community dedicated to advocating for mental health awareness and the rights of individuals with emotional support animals and service animals, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding society.

7. Responsive Customer Service:

Count on our responsive customer service team to address any questions or concerns promptly, providing you with the support you need throughout your ESA or service animal journey.

Our mission at EmotionalSupportAnimal.com is to provide compassionate support and reliable resources for individuals seeking to enhance their well-being through the companionship of emotional support animals and the assistance of service animals.

What are the benefits of having an ESA letter?

You Can Live Nearly Anywhere With Your ESA

ESAs are exempt from no-pet policies in houses, apartments, and college dorms.

No Breed Or Weight Restrictions

Since an ESA does not require specific training, all breeds qualify.

Avoid Pet Fees and Deposits

ESAs are exempt from all pet fees, pet rent, and pet deposits.

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Legal Support
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Legal Support
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Money Back Guarantee
Legal Support
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Phone/Email/Chat Customer Support

Our Nationwide Network of Licensed Mental Health Providers

Finding a licensed mental health provider in your state is essential to receiving an ESA prescription letter, as well as to making sure you qualify for a service animal. Our nationwide team of friendly, knowledgeable, and qualified mental health professionals makes finding your perfect match simple and stress-free.

We’ve partnered with empathetic mental health professionals in every state, so that you can receive the care and support you need without having to deal with waiting lists, searching for a professional yourself, or worrying if a practitioner is legitimate or legally qualified. Our team is meticulously vetted and ready to help you.

Professional Dog Trainers to Help You Train Your Service Dog

To be considered legally valid, a service dog must be trained to perform at least one task that mitigates the symptoms of a diagnosed disability. Our team of American Kennel Club-certified professional trainers is available to help answer questions, provide video training sessions, or work with you in person to help train your service dog.

We carefully vet our trainers to ensure every member of our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about training service animals. Plus, we only work with trainers who exclusively use positive, reward-based training methods, which are both highly effective and help to build a stronger bond of loyalty, trust, and love between you and your service animal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any person with a diagnosed mental or emotional disability can qualify for an ESA. These disabilities can include depression, panic disorder, PTSD, OCD, autism, eating disorders, addictions, or mood or personality disorders.

To get an emotional support animal, you must be diagnosed with a mental or emotional disability by a licensed mental health professional in your state. Then, that same professional must write a valid prescription letter stating your need for an emotional support animal.

As long as your licensed mental health professional has diagnosed you with a mental or emotional disability, your pet can become an ESA as long as that same mental health professional agrees that they are medically necessary.

An ESA vest, ID, collar, leash, or tag is not legally required; all you need is a legally valid ESA letter. However, many handlers choose to have their ESA wear an identifying accessory in order to avoid questions from neighbors, repair people, etc.

The Fair Housing Act requires all housing providers to provide reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities. Because of this, most pet-free housing must allow an ESA to live with you, as it is generally considered a reasonable accommodation