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What’s Included With Your ESA Registration?

Certificate with your animal’s name and ID # verifying its registration in our ESA database.

ESA Animal ID card with your animal’s name, photo, DOB, location and more.

Access to our legal support team in the unlikely case you have issues with your landlord.

$25 rebate on your legally required ESA letter consultation.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal (ESA) is any animal that is prescribed to a person with a mental or emotional disability as a part of their treatment plan. They must be prescribed by a licensed mental health worker or doctor in the handler’s state, and they must be prescribed through a valid ESA prescription letter. Since they are deemed medically necessary, an ESA must be allowed to live with their handler in almost any long-term rental regardless of no-pet policies (including most college dorms), cannot be charged pet rent or deposits, and are exempt from breed, size, or weight restrictions.

An ESA can be any animal that can be reasonably cared for in a person’s home, including a dog, cat, reptile, rodent, small mammal, bird, or fish. Unlike a service animal, an ESA does not need to undergo training to perform specific tasks; instead, they help their handler by offering support purely through their companionship. An ESA can also help a person develop a healthier daily routine.

Our Quick & Simple, 100% Legally Compliant Process

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Receive your ESA letter via email within 24 hours of being approved.

*For Arkansas, California and Montana residents, new laws require those seeking an ESA letter to establish a client-provider relationship with the individual for at least 30 days prior to providing documentation. As a result, we require two consultations and you will not receive your ESA letter until day 30.

Why Choose EmotionalSupportAnimal.com?

We Offer Legally Valid ESA Letters

You can trust that every step of our ESA letter service is legally valid. We’ll set you up with a mental health professional or doctor licensed in your state who will properly diagnose you and prescribe an ESA if they are the right option for you. Additionally, your telehealth visit will conform to your state laws, and the ESA letter itself will meet every legal requirement to be considered legally valid.

We Have On-Staff ESA Lawyers

Our team of lawyers understand the intricacies of ESA laws and are well-versed in the different requirements of every state. Thanks to their involvement, you can feel even more confident that our ESA evaluations, prescription letters, and service dog training programs all meet both national and state legal standards. Plus, if you ever face discrimination for your disability or your ESA’s rights are not respected, they’re here to help.

Your ESA Letter Is Protected By Our Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason your landlord does not accept your ESA letter and our legal support team can’t remedy the issue, we will refund you 100% of your ESA letter consultation fee. Buy with confidence knowing that we have your back!

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World Class Nationwide Network of Mental Health Professionals

Through a careful vetting process, we’ve handpicked only the most qualified, empathetic, and knowledgeable mental health professionals to partner with, ensuring you’ll be working with someone caring, well-informed, and legitimate. We work with mental health professionals licensed in all 50 states allowing us to service the entire country.

Our Customer Support Team Is Eager to Help

Thanks to our dedicated customer support team, you’re never alone throughout this process (or even once you’re comfortably living with your ESA). If you have any questions about emotional support animals or service dogs, how to qualify, or if they are the right treatment options for you, they’re here to help. Customer support can be reached via email, phone and chat.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having An ESA Letter?

You Can Live Nearly Anywhere With Your ESA

ESAs are exempt from no-pet policies in houses, apartments, and college dorms.

No Breed Or Weight Restrictions

Since an ESA does not require specific training, all breeds qualify.

Avoid Pet Fees and Deposits

ESAs are exempt from all pet fees, pet rent, and pet deposits.

Money Back Guarantee

If your ESA letter isn’t accepted by your landlord for any reason whatsoever, we will refund you 100% of your payment.

Why EmotionalSupportAnimal.com Is The Best ESA Letter Website

We are deeply committed to making legitimate ESA letters accessible to all who qualify. Our ESA letter process is simple, transparent, and legally valid in all 50 states and our large nationwide network of trusted mental health professionals allows for the fastest possible turnaround time.

All customers have access to our world class legal support team and are protected by our 100% money back guarantee if their ESA letter isn’t accepted for any reason. Rest easy, we’ve got your back!

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Legal Support
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Our Nationwide Network of Licensed Mental Health Providers

Finding a licensed mental health provider in your state is essential to receiving an ESA prescription letter, as well as to making sure you qualify for a service animal. Our nationwide team of friendly, knowledgeable, and qualified mental health professionals makes finding your perfect match simple and stress-free.

We’ve partnered with empathetic mental health professionals in every state, so that you can receive the care and support you need without having to deal with waiting lists, searching for a professional yourself, or worrying if a practitioner is legitimate or legally qualified. Our team is meticulously vetted and ready to help you.

What Is The Difference Between An ESA And A Psychiatric Service Dog?

While an ESA requires no specific training and helps their handler by their simple presence, a PSD must be trained to perform at least one task to help mitigate the symptoms of a mental or emotional disability.

Because a PSD is legally considered a service dog, they have more legal rights than an ESA. While both animals are legally required to be able to live with their handler in any housing, a PSD is also granted public access. This means they can accompany you in shops, at your workplace, and can even fly with you for free in the cabin of an airplane.