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What’s Included In Your Online Psychiatric Service Dog Training?

Video & Written Course Content

8 modules, 9 instructional videos, progress exams and more.

Trainer Support

Call or live chat with our on-staff trainers as needed.

Optional Virtual Training Sessions

Schedule a live 30 minute video training session for a small additional cost.

Service dog certificate

Receive service dog certificate of completion after passing the public access test.

What Is A Psychiatric
Service Dog?

A psychiatric service dog (PSD) is a type of service dog that has been specifically trained to perform one or more tasks to help mitigate the symptoms of a diagnosed mental or emotional disability. Since a PSD is deemed medically necessary, they are granted more rights than a standard companion animal and are protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). A PSD can fly with you for free in an airplane cabin, accompany you to most public places, and can live with you in most long-term housing, regardless of pet policies or breed restrictions.

A psychiatric service dog can be trained to perform many varied tasks to help manage the symptoms of a diagnosed disability, including stopping self-harming behaviors, grounding you during a panic attack or flashback, helping to determine if a hallucination is real or not, waking you during night terrors, retrieving your medication, providing Deep Pressure Therapy, holding you up during a dizzy spell, or even calling for help. Any mental or emotional disability may qualify you for a PSD, including depression, panic disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addiction recovery, bipolar, or OCD.

Our Simple Service Dog Training Process

2 Minute PSD Training Pre-Assessment

Answer a few questions to find out if you’re a good candidate for a psychiatric service dog.

Complete PSD Training Course

Train your dog to be a psychiatric service dog in as little as 4 weeks.

Receive Service Dog Certificate Of Completion

Once your dog passes the public access test, you will be issued a certificate of completion and you can take your dog nearly anywhere you go.

Money Back Guarantee

If your service dog graduates from our PSD training program and is denied by your landlord or airline, we will refund you 100% of your payment.

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Meets All Housing & Airline Requirements

Your service dog will only enjoy their full legal rights – like public access, housing rights, and the freedom to fly with you for free in an airplane cabin – if they are sufficiently trained. A psychiatric service dog must be able to perform at least one task to help mitigate the symptoms of a diagnosed mental or emotional disability, and they must be non-aggressive, non-destructive, and able to focus in distracting environments and stressful situations. Our training program has been designed to do exactly that and will ensure that our service dog is legally valid, as well as an effective part of your treatment plan. Plus, our legal team is available to help if you face any discrimination issues related to your service dog.

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Our Experienced Team of Dog Trainers

For your service dog to be considered legally valid, they must be specifically and properly trained. Our team of dedicated service dog trainers have more than 20 years of experience, and are passionate about helping people with disabilities live fuller, more independent lives with the help of a service dog. Because of this, our psychiatric service dog training course is thorough, effective, and easy to follow – even for those trying to train a dog for the very first time. If you ever have any questions or issues during the training process, our team is here to help; you’re never on your own with

We Have On-Staff Lawyers Who Can Help

Our team of lawyers understand the intricacies of ADA law and have experienced everything an unscrupulous landlord or airline employee may try to do. Thanks to their involvement, you can feel 100% confident that if your dog graduates from our PSD training course that they will receive all public access rights.

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Your PSD Training Is Protected By Our Money Back Guarantee

If after graduating our PSD training program, your landlord or airline deny your service dog for any reason and our legal support team cannot remedy the issue, we will refund you 100% of your PSD training fee.

World Class Nationwide Network of Mental Health Professionals

Through a careful vetting process, we’ve handpicked only the most qualified, empathetic, and knowledgeable mental health professionals to partner with, ensuring you’ll be working with someone caring, well-informed, and legitimate. We work with mental health professionals licensed in all 50 states allowing us to service the entire country.

Our Customer Support Team Is Eager to Help

Thanks to our dedicated customer support team, you’re never alone throughout this process (or even once you’re comfortably living with your service dog). If you have any questions about service dogs, how to qualify, or if they are the right treatment options for you, they’re here to help. Customer support can be reached via email, phone and chat.

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The Benefits Of Having A
Service Dog

Your Service dog Can Be With You Almost Anywhere.

Thanks to their public access rights, service dogs can accompany you to most public spaces (including restaurants, shops, theaters, and public transport), can live with you in nearly all no-pet housing properties, and can stay with you in hotels and Airbnbs.

You Can Fly for Free With Your Service Dog.

A service dog can fly in an airline cabin with you for free and will not have to stay in a carrier.

You Can Avoid Pet Fees and Deposits.

You cannot be charged to live with your service dog, or to stay with them in a hotel or Airbnb.

Your Service dog Can Be Any Breed, Weight, or Size.

Size, weight, and breed restrictions do not apply to service dogs.

Who Qualifies For A Service Dog?

Any individual receiving assistance from a dog that performs a task directly related to a
psychological or physical disability may qualify for a service dog.

Does your dog help with any of the below disabilities?

  • Blindness
  • Hearing Loss
  • PTSD
  • Diabetes
  • Mobility
  • Seizures
  • Panic Attack
  • Stability
  • any other physical or psychological disabilities

Has your dog been trained to do work or perform a task that helps with your disability?

  • Seeing-Eye
  • Alerting the hearing impaired
  • Seizure assistance
  • Retrieving items
  • Providing physical support
  • Interrupting destructive behaviors

All dogs that meet the below requirements qualify:

  • Trained to perform work or task
  • Behave in public and under control of handler
  • Animal must be up to date with all vaccinations
  • Dog can be self trained or by a professional
  • No Breed, Size or Weight Restrictions

Our Nationwide Network of Licensed Mental Health Providers

Finding a licensed mental health provider in your state is essential to receiving an ESA prescription letter, as well as to making sure you qualify for a service dog. Our nationwide team of friendly, knowledgeable, and qualified mental health professionals makes finding your perfect match simple and stress-free.

We’ve partnered with empathetic mental health professionals in every state, so that you can receive the care and support you need without having to deal with waiting lists, searching for a professional yourself, or worrying if a practitioner is legitimate or legally qualified. Our team is meticulously vetted and ready to help you.

Our Amazing Team Of Dog Training Experts

Service dogs must meet specific training requirements and our team is here to help. Our PSD training program has been created with our team of professional, AKC-certified dog trainers with more than 20 years of experience. This ensures that our course is effective and rich, while also being clear and thorough enough to be suitable for even a first-time dog trainer! Also, you will have the support of our experienced team of dog training experts every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

A service animal is a dog (or, occasionally, a miniature horse) who has been trained to perform at least one task to help mitigate the symptoms of a diagnosed disability. Service animals are allowed to live with you in most housing with no-pet policies, can accompany you to many public spaces, and can fly with you for free in the cabin of an airplane.

Because there are very particular tasks a service animal has to be trained to do, only a dog or, sometimes, a miniature horse can legally qualify as a service animal. However, there are no breed or size restrictions for a service animal.

A psychiatric service dog is a service dog who has been trained to help mitigate the symptoms of a diagnosed mental or emotional disability. These disabilities can include (but are not limited to) depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, phobias, autism, borderline personality disorder, or schizophrenia.

A psychiatric service dog can perform many varied tasks to help with the symptoms of a mental or emotional disability. These tasks can include applying Deep Pressure Therapy to ground you during a panic attack or flashback, stopping self-harming behaviors, retrieving your medication, giving you space in a crowded area, helping you find an exit during a panic attack, and gently waking you up during night terrors.

For many people with disabilities, the benefits of living with a service dog can be life-changing. A service dog is trained to help mitigate the symptoms of your disability, including helping retrieve medication, stopping self-harming behaviors, or applying grounding techniques during a flashback. Additionally, a service animal can accompany their handler in public, allowing them to live a more independent life.

Nearly anyone with a diagnosed disability of any kind can qualify for a service animal: this means that if you already have a valid ESA letter, you’re also qualified for a service animal.

Unlike with an ESA, you don’t need a prescription letter; instead, you just need your diagnosis and to make sure that your animal is trained to perform at least one task to help with your diagnosed disability (i.e., retrieving your medication or waking you from a night terror).

As long as your pet is a dog who you can train to perform at least one task to help mitigate the symptoms of your diagnosed disability, they can become a legally valid service dog.

Before registering your service dog, you must be diagnosed with a disability, and you must train your service dog to perform at least one task to mitigate that disability. Once both of those things are done, you can visit’s registration page to answer a few quick questions to add your service dog to our national registry.

If you tell your landlord you have a diagnosed disability (you don’t have to elaborate further), and that your service dog is trained to perform a task to help with that disability, no other validation is required. They can request that you tell them what task they are trained to perform, but they cannot request a demonstration.

As a rule, your landlord can only make you get rid of your service dog if they are destructive or aggressive. Since they have public access, they already must be trained to be non-aggressive and non-destructive, so this is not a likely scenario.

A service dog can be brought into most public spaces and private businesses, except for those where the presence of a dog may interfere with the purpose or safety of the business (for instance, a service dog may make an operating room not sterile and so may not be allowed). They can also accompany you in the cabin of any airplane for free.

No, a service dog does not need to wear a vest or any other identifying accessories. However, many people choose to have their service animal wear a marked vest, collar, leash, or ID tag in public so that businesses will know they are a service animal by sight, and also to prevent strangers from interacting with the service dog and interfering with their tasks.

Legally, any business or landlord is only allowed to ask two questions about your service animal: if they are a service animal required because of a disability and what work or task they are trained to perform. They cannot ask you to make the animal perform this task, for any proof of your disability, or for any documentation proving your dog is a service animal.

Typically, a business can only make your service dog leave if they are aggressive, disruptive, or are not house-trained. They can also make your service dog leave if they feel their presence is interfering with the safety or function of the business. If your landlord is resisting, and you’ve received your service dog training or registration through, you can reach out to us for legal support.

Yes, as long as your service dog is trained and you have a diagnosed disability, your service dog can fly in an airplane cabin with you for free, and they do not have to be enclosed in a dog carrier.

We offer a self-led, online service dog training program that takes you step-by-step through the process of training your dog to perform at least one task to mitigate the symptoms of your diagnosed mental or emotional disability. It also guides you through training your service dog to be non-disruptive and focused in public. We offer live virtual training sessions with a professional dog trainer for an additional cost.

An airline can only refuse to recognize your service dog if they are not a legally valid service dog (meaning you do not have a diagnosed disability and they are not trained to perform at least one task to mitigate its symptoms), if they cannot refrain from relieving themselves for the length of the flight, or if they are destructive or dangerous. Otherwise, they must recognize your service dog and their legal rights. You will be required to fill out the Department of Transportations’ Service Animal Air Transportation Form before your flight.

How long it takes to train a service dog depends on how well-trained the dog already is, how well they respond to your training methods, and how complex the tasks you need to train them to perform are. Some people can train their service dog in a few weeks, while many find the process can take several months.

Yes, you can have as many service dogs as you need, as long as you can reasonably care for and house them all, and also as long as they are each trained to perform at least one task to help mitigate the symptoms of your disability. For instance, you may have a larger service dog that can help you stand during dizzy spells or that performs Deep Pressure Therapy, and a smaller service dog that can sit on your lap and lick your face during panic attacks to distract you.

Yes, is a legally valid emotional support animal prescription letter provider, as well as a legally valid service dog training service. We follow both state and federal laws regarding emotional support animals and service dogs, and our legal team is available to help you if you run into any disputes regarding your ESA or service dog.

Unfortunately, many other similar websites do not provide legally valid ESAs or service dogs, and may even scam their customers. Some of the major red flags that are a sign that a site is fraudulent include:

Offering you an ESA prescription letter without having you speak directly (by phone, video call, or in person) to a licensed mental health professional in your state

  • No physical address
  • No phone number that allows you to speak to a live person
  • No offer of legal support if you run into any disputes
  • Claims that your ESA can fly with you on an airplane for free or accompany you in public like a service dog
  • Claims that an ESA or service dog vest, ID, collar, tag, or registration are legally required

We have a varied team of mental health professionals and MDs licensed in every US state. Because of this, we can pair you with a mental health professional or MD (depending on your state’s requirements) who is licensed in the state you reside in. Additionally, all of the mental health professionals in our network are well-versed with ESAs as treatment options, so they can determine if an ESA would be a successful part of your treatment plan.

If you have a consultation with one of our licensed mental health professionals and they determine you do not qualify for an ESA, you will receive a full refund for the cost of the consultation. Additionally, if your ESA letter is denied by your landlord, you will receive a full refund after our legal team reviews your situation.

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law enacted in 1968. Under this law, a housing provider must allow reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. This includes allowing anyone prescribed an emotional support animal, or who has a service dog, to live with them, including in most no-pets-allowed housing.

The Americans With Disabilities Act is a federal law that states that local and state government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses that provide goods or services to the public must make reasonable accommodations when necessary to accommodate those with disabilities. This includes allowing service dogs to accompany their handler, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the function of the business (i.e., by making an operating room not sterile).